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You cannot save this password maximum entries acquired

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I recently reached my free limit for passwords saved with my current security. I purchased the internet security for a year because it was a great deal. I was doing this well without the passwords saving. The limit is fifteen. Now, every time I type in a password in my internet browser this little message pops up and says, “You cannot save this password, Upgrade!” And it slows down browser viewing. That’s not it. Some of my passwords have changed without my doing. THAT’S SCARY! I got this security so that I could use to protect my passwords from getting broken but now that I’ve been using the free service their acting up and all my passwords are getting hacked! The password keeper was supposed to save me a few seconds of time, but now it’s caused a massive disruption to my previous calm organized way of doing work. Please help if you know how to rid the password keeper. 

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Hello @Buffalogirl98


  1. Re “You cannot save this password, Upgrade!” post a screenprint, we need to see what you see - hide any personal information please? 
  2. Did you still wish to use the original 15 KPM passwords? 
  3. Is Data synchronization across your devices on ? 
  4. Is Autosave and autofill on ? 



Please let us know? 

Thank you🙏


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