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With the Kaspersky Internet Security activation for 1 Device, I'm using it for windows. Can I able to use the same license for my MAC and Android as well?


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I have purchased Kaspersky Internet Security for 1 Device. It has been installed to my Windows PC. Can I use the same license for my Macbook Pro & Android Mobile?

 Hello @tariqhisny


  1. A Kaspersky Internet Security software license can be used on Windows, Android & MAC devices.
  2. IF the license is for one device, then the software/license can only be activated/used on one device at a time. Read: How to transfer a Kaspersky product license from one device to another.
  3. As the license has already been activated, if you change the license to a second device, the license term remaining is however many days left, from when the license was removed from the first device. 

Thank you🙏


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