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Windows security virus protection notification on Windows 10 at startup: 'Virus & threat protection.Turn on virus protection'


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Problem is still present and the current situation is as follows:

MSCONFIG > SERVICES: Windows Security Service is Running  (cannot be Stopped)

Windows Defender Firewall is Running  (cannot be Stopped)

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service - is showing as Stopped.



WinDefend is showing as Stopped.



Windows Security Notification Icon: Enabled.


SERVICES>Services (Local)> Windows Security Service (Running)> Manual

In Properties option to make any changes to the above is greyed out.



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I have been struggling to stop windows security virus protection notification on Windows 10 at start-up, Finally I got the solution to deal with:


 'Virus & threat protection. Turn on virus protection' 


This notification  is always came either the Periodic Scanning by Windows Defender is Turn On or Turn Off. So I decided to Turned it On.


Windows Security: Allow Periodic Scanning

To stop the Notification I do the setting in Kaspersky to place Windows Windows Defender as one of Exclusions for application as shown below.


KIS Settings: Exclusions for application


Then the windows security virus protection notification on Windows 10 at start-up become quite.

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