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Windows 7 "a recently installed software is stopping checkdisk from working" after kaspersky updates databases. [Solved][Closed]

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Using Windows 7 I run Windows chkdsk utility and everything is ok.

But when I run a Kaspersky Security Cloud (free) definition update chkdsk no longer works and it says a recently installed software is stopping it from working.

This happens on all my Windows 7 machines. If I revert the drive to February chkdsk works fine but if I immediately then instal Kaspersky definitions update, and then run chkdsk again I get the error.

Can someone advise if this is a known error. Thanks.

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

When I run chkdsk using” Does the “recently installed software” error repeat running chkdsk via command?” to my surprise it worked fine. Also running chkdsk afterwards by the usual method reported no problems. So everything is OK now.

One of lifes mysteries.


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