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Windows 10 Insider Preview Kaspersky Security Cloud false positive pwsso.dll


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I have a Windows 10 laptop running Windows 10 Insider Preview. While 1959.1001 (rs_prelease) was installing, I received a message from Kaspersky Security Cloud. Is this a false positive?

Windows Update (Trusted) is attempting to get access to malware

Detected: Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.isw

Location: C:\Windows\Softwa...\pwsso.dll

Cannot disinfect the detected object.



[] Apply to all objects of this type

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Thank you. I will do so later today. I also submitted a problem report to Microsoft.

So i found this file and all files which are in screenshot uploaded in virusdesk by kaspersky and also on virustotal and thread not found. 

I have Windows 10 1909 version which is older like insider… Maybe in insider version has been changed this file and kaspersky is detecting…
And also i note that pwsso.dll in your case is located in C:\Windows\Software but mine is not located in Software (see screenshot)



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