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Windows 10 build 1903 compatibility with older KIS version, [Closed]

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KIS has been working great with my current build of windows (1803) but there's no official statement whether the 'n' patch adds compatibility with Win 1903's security center. I know I should install the latest KIS anyway but I'd rather wait for it to receive more patches first.
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Ok, thanks. KIS 2017 n-patch release notes say that it adds compatibility to Win build 1809 that I think has similar Defender Security Center behavior as 1903 and likely other upcoming builds (3rd party AV's must register properly to it), but yes it's better to just use KIS 2019.
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Symptoms of the corrupted Windows 10 update are mostly blue screen errors or crashes that display messages like Something went wrong. You will notice that it tries to update the PC but cannot complete it. It’s annoying, but it is straightforward to fix.

If you wish to update the PC, then pursue the given instructions:

  1. Insert the services.msc in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Right-click and then launch like the administrator.
  3. Find Update service then stop.
  4. Go to the C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download in Windows Explorer.
  5. Remove the entire contents from the folder. Ensure that admin access needs to remove a few files.
  6. Restart the Windows update service.

This procedure will stop update service, which locks the content of an installer package. A document available in a folder is for the update and removing it compels to download the new copy. If the file was corrupted, it must not happen, then the update procedure must be finished as you start the Windows Update service again.



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