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windows 10 22h2 all items exe change to .Lnk

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today, when i turned on the computer-  i encountered a strange scene - all the executive programs and control panel have been converted to "" LNK format ""  the start menu - toolbar and search are not working - even all the printers in the control panel were deleted with anti virus support company - i called - after a long investigation - they announced that this problem is not due to a malware attack and that the windows registry has been damaged -  is this correct ? is there really a problem with the Windows registry ? and there was no cyber attack

thank you all for helping me 

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Have you already performed a full device scan using Kaspersky?

You can also try using KVRT to find possible malware KVRT

You can also take a look at this Microsoft thread about this problem, but I advise you to use Kaspersky for the full scan answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/several-exe-files-changed-to-lnk-files/9e22f491-8a0a-4fd8-8bd5-832356394e51

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Hum... looks like an old typical virus that come to the system via infected USB external pen drive.


Go to your system Folder Options, and enable the settings: Show protected files, folders, and units/devices that are hidden.


And disable: Hide protected operating system files.


Then you have to apply in command terminal (cmd.exe) this:


ATTRIB /d /s -r -h -s *.*


To all the affected folders.


Here is a guide, but in Spanish, You can translate into English.


Also disable in Your Windows, Autoplay for external devices:



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