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Wi-Fi disconnects when I try to start VPN connection

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Recently I started to have a problem with Wi-Fi disconnecting when I try to start VPN connection with Kaspersky Secure Connection (KSC). It looks like this:

1. Wi-Fi works, Internet connection is OK (ping/web site opening)

2. I press VPN switch. I use mainly Russian VPN, but tried other locations aswell

3. VPN starts it's connection, wi-fi instantly drops (the icon near clock on Windows Start bar): ping also stops

4. VPN still tries to connect. Wi-fi icon is back, but Internet connection (web sites/ping) is not working. KSC tells me it couldn't connect

5. I manually disconnect from wi-fi and reconnect back, everything OK, back to stage 1.


I tried basic things like flushdns, adapter settings reset etc. Everything worked couple of days ago, I did not change anything in my computer or software, except for Windows updates maybe.

Location: Turkey

Device: DELL Latitude laptop

OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise x64 Build 22621



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We've worked this out. The problem was that Kaspersky VPN had some sort of DNS/VPN conflict with CloudFlare Warp ( application. Even though application was not running, background service was started. After disabling the service Kaspersky VPN started to work as intended.

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