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Why does Kaspersky scan when user is logged off Windows 7?


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I have Kaspersky 18.0 on Windows 7 x64.

When Windows 7 login screen is on (user logged in, but not active) Kaspersky is always working something, maybe scanning.

When I log in, Kaspersky stops.


I disabled Performe Idle Scan, so it should nothing.

It’s consuming 100% of CPU that way.


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@moxIf your are talking about the pulsing “K” icon in the taskbar this is normal.
Concerning the CPU usage issue please contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support
> Summary > Technical Support Center > Request Technical Support > Create Request

FYI , actually the latest version is Kaspersky 2021.
Also, Windows 7 is End of Life now.

I don’t see anything when Login screen is on, I have used Process Monitor to capture events and I have seen that Kaspersky is using 100% of CPU for I don’t know what.

 I want to know what Kaspersky is doing so much every time when Login screen is on and Idle scan is off.

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