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why does it cost more to renew a license than to buy a new license ?


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I have Kaspersky Internet Security for 3 devises and 3 years which I bought in October 2016 for my HP laptop computer. My license expires tomorrow. The renewal cost is 149.99 but a new license only cost 95.99. Can I wait until my license expires and sign up as a new user and pay only 95.99 ? OR will the Kaspersky company inform me that I cannot sign up as a new user and that I have to renew at a cost of 149.99. I don't want to pay the 95.99 cost , and a few days later, be informed by Kaspersky that I cannot sign up as a new user and go through a lot of trouble getting my money back from Kaspersky. Thank You Very Much, DanBiz
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