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Why do I receive "database is outdated" e-mail messages? [Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Server]

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Administrator receives the notification about outdated anti-spam (AS) and/or anti-virus (AV) bases because a large time interval for updating AS and/or AV databases is set (every 5 hours or more for AS and every 24 hours or more for AV). Anti-spam and anti-virus bases should be updated much more often. Accordingly, Kaspersky Security Center should also update anti-spam and anti-virus bases more frequently.

The best way is to update anti-spam bases directly via Internet from Kaspersky Update servers every 5 minutes. Anti-virus bases should be updated every 1 hour.

If it is not possible, try to update Kaspersky Security Center and Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange anti-spam bases every 30 minutes or every 1 hour, but in this case you should not expect a high spam detection rate.

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