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Which to choose: Skip, Delete, or Add to exclusion? [moved] [Closed]

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I ran a scan recently and two viruses and/or infections were detected. The screen offers me three options: Skip, Delete the something, and something else. But I can't find anything anywhere telling me what to do. I hit "delete the something", although it may have deleted something necessary for the computer to run. But I would very much like to have someone tell me what these options are, what they mean, and what I should do about them. Thanks
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Hello andpata, Welcome! Check Kaspersky application Quarantine? Please export the report, save as a text file & upload to your post using the Upload icon? Thank you. WEBTOOLBAR.JS.CONDONITWhat does the “not-a-virus” prefix mean before an application’s name?Kaspersky Blog: Not-a-Virus: What is it?
I actually worded my post incorrectly (I just copied another user's question because my problems are similar). But anyway, I actually did not choose 'Delete' or any other option for these two detected objects. What steps should I take then?
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Hello andpata, You did perfect :clap_tone3:thank you:pray_tone3:
  1. The objects KAV is detecting, are they known to you? (Your earlier comment: "I actually worded my post incorrectly", is a little confusing:thinking:)
  2. Is N360_BACKUP, an actual backup?
  3. Have any toolbars, addons or extensions been installed, updated recently?
  4. Additional, what is the (Windows) alert for?
Please let me know? Thank you
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Hi,@FLOOD , sorry for these late replies. Busy weekend.

  1. I’m not familiar with one of the objects that was detected. It might just be a notification object that I signed up for on a website, which I’m only assuming because the words ‘Community Alerts’ are in the file name. Also it turns out I have KIS, not KAV. As for my comment, basically just know that I have not made a choice about what to do with the two detected objects I initially showed. But after that second, Full Scan I ran, there were additional objects that I quarantined some time before, which are in the exported text file I shared.
  2. I did a quick google search and N360_BACKUP is a back-up for Norton 360, which I had several years ago. I do remember making a couple back-ups for it. I don’t think I’ll go back to Norton 360 any time soon though, so I guess I’ll just delete those files. Unless  there’s a better option?
  3. I have Honey, and more recently Kaspersky Protection for Chrome. I’ve had Honey for a few months and it appears to have recieved an updated a week ago. Kaspersky Protection looks like it was just added very recently?
  4. The windows alert was for user verification. It asked me to enter my password and verify the alternate email address associated with it, which I went ahead and did earier today. Was that okay to do so? I very rarely am asked to verify that information (I can’t remember the last time I was prompted to do that)
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Thank you for replying and the extra information.

Re KIS/KAV, I’ve asked the Moderators to move your topic to KIS. 

***Edit - note - instructions below, each time I save the Primary sections, Windows, Google, KIS, are reformatted from A. B. etc to 1., please don’t be confused, if I can work out how to get the orginal formatting sorted I’ll fix, otherwise, just follow steps carefully please🙏

Please do the following:
A.  Windows
Create a System Restore Point.

  1. Google

1. Google Chrome - export Bookmarks.
2. Select Advanced, select Reset & Cleanup, select Restore settings to their original defaults, select Reset settings  - allow the process to complete. 
3. Close Chrome - do not restart. 

***Make sure no applications or browsers are active, running and/or in use***

  1. KIS
    1. Quarantine - delete all objects detected in the KIS Report.
    2. Run Privacy Cleaner Wizard >
    Open KIS, select More Tools, select Clean and optimize, select Privacy Cleaner >> the PCW will search for traces and present several pages/popups > select/✅tick everything, select “Next”, allow PCW to complete, "Activity traces cleaned successfully” popup "Reboot Computer" will show & will be checked > select "Done"




3. Computer will power off. 
4. When PC is fully off, power on, login, do not start any applications and or browsers.

  1. Windows
    1. Programs & Features  > Search Conduit - if pgm exists,  uninstall
    2. C:\Windows\Temp      > in Temp folder, select all files & folders, select "Delete", note1: there will be several files/folders requesting "Admin" permission, select "Yes"; note2: there will be several files/folders "In use", selectSkip”.
    3. C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Temp, select all files & folders, select “Delete”.
    4. Shutdown PC using Shutdown (not Restart).
    5. When PC is fully off, power on, login.
    6. Do not start any applications other than KIS.
  2.  KIS

 1. Select Settings, select Additional, select Reports & Quarantine, select Clear


2. Run KIS manual Database Update - allow it to complete - do not use PC while DBU is running
3. Run KIS manual Full Scan - allow it to complete, do not use PC while scan is running.

  • Report any objects detected by Full Scan?

  • Re Windows alert, it nothing important & not related to the reported issues.

However for Windows:

  1. Is Windows up-to-date?
  2. Are all Windows update “successfully” applied?
  3. Are Windows updates configured to run automatically? 

Please post back when all steps have been done?

Thank you. 



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi @FLOOD , it’s been a while. I got sidetracked after reading your last reply, plus it also looked intimidating at the time, but I finally went ahead and did all those steps quite recently. Thanks for showing me how to create the system restore point by the way, I’m probably going to redo all of this because I didn’t save the tabs I had open for Chrome, but with a quick search I found a link showing me how to save recent tabs as a bookmark folder.

Anyway, everything went smoothly. The only issue that happened was during the step where you wanted me to delete all the Temps; some temp files could not be deleted because they were supposedly open in Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service, while others could not be found or were no longer located in Temps.

And later, when I tried to delete app data with my user name (same section of your steps), no files appeared. I assume I did it correctly as you wrote. But overall, my computer seems to be running more smoothly! I notice the difference already. Thank you

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Hello @andpata,

Welcome back, it’s good to hear from you, you’re very welcome and thank you🙏 ! 

I’m very happy to hear things are running more smoothly and there’s a noticeable improvement👏

Regarding “clearing  C:Temp - some temp files could not be deleted because they were supposedly open in Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service

I did say:  “note2: there will be several files/folders "In use", select “Skip”.

In use”,  “Open” mean the same thing. 

Regarding “delete app data with my user name (same section of your steps), no files appeared”, the only files to be deleted with this step were the files in C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Temp

It never hurts to do regular “housekeeping”, the Kaspersky Cleaning Wizards make this very easy, only thing to always do before any procedures, create a restore point & (all browsers) save Boomarks. 

And, keep an eye on KIS Reports, they are a good resource to let you know what’s happening. 

My best regards



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