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when i plug my mobile into my pc it dosent show any option to scan it is there a way to scan mobile phone using my pc’s antivirus

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Hello @abhinav,


➡ Even tho Windows device manager can see the attached mobile, KIS application cannot scan an incompatible operating system⬅

❓ May I ask why you’re wishing to use KIS, installed on a Windows PC to scan a  mobile?

❓ Is KIS intalled on the mobile? 

Please let me know?

Thank you🙏


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I just faced the same problem connecting the cellphone to Windows, in order to scan with the desktop anti-virus.

After some research on the web, it seems that Android phones aren’t enable to be mapped in the OS as storage volume (like ‘C:’ or ‘F:’) anymore. The protocol used to handle USB communication between the cellphone and the OS changed, so the anti-virus scan can’t run, because it can’t even detect a volume.

Work around: even though the cellphone can’t be mounted like local disk drive, you can deploy a webserver easily installing an App that do this. After that, map the cellphone as a network drive and it will appear in the windows explorer Network hierarchy. So, in Kaspersky you will now be able to find the cellphone in the selective scan listing.


I just did a succesfully scan on the mobile device!

Have a good one.

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