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Whats the difference between resolve, quarantine, and disinfect and restart when a computer is infected?


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I have recently downloaded Kaspersky security cloud and tested it with some small malware samples. It turned out great, but the 3 options confuses me. Whats the difference between resolve, quarantine, disinfect and restart?

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Hello @Cake


Regarding Action on threat detection: 

Resolve, instructs Kaspersky Security Cloud to process the detected object(s) according to criteria listed below:

  • If Kaspersky Security Cloud is unable to resolve, a detected object will be deleted, to complete the process a computer restart is necessary. 
  • Selecting Quarantine assigns detected objects to a dedicated storage in which the application places backup copies of files that have been modified or deleted during disinfection. Copies of files are stored in a special format that is not dangerous for the computer.


  • When infected or probably infected objects are detected, Kaspersky Security Cloud automatically performs action(s) recommended by Kaspersky specialists.
  • For infected objects the action is Disinfect, if not possible – delete.
  • The actions that the application performs on probably infected objects depend on the values of the main protection settings.
  • Before attempting to disinfect or delete an infected object, Kaspersky Security Cloud creates a backup copy in case there is a later need to restore the object or possibility of disinfecting it.
  • Infected files and malicious links are processed automatically according to rules created by Kaspersky specialists.
  • These rules cannot be modified manually.


  • Rules can be updated following an update of databases and application modules.
  • The rules for Firewall, Webcam Protection, Application Manager, Software Cleaner, Application Control, and Trusted Applications mode are also updated automatically.
  • If a device scan is started from My Kaspersky, files will be processed automatically based on the rules specified in the application.
  • Files detected on a device can be processed automatically by request from My Kaspersky without your confirmation, even if interactive protection is enabled in the application.
  • Special considerations for file processing in interactive protection mode: if an infected file is part of an app from Windows Store, in interactive protection mode, the application displays a notification prompting you to delete that file. The Disinfect action is not available.

Thank you🙏



Kaspersky Security Cloud Library

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