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What sort of training do the web email/level 1 Kaspersky support employees receive?

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Kaspersky experts, Admin team: @Igor Kurzin,

We’ve started to receive unsolicited sms’s, with links / URLs, from unknown mobile #’s, that KIS does not detect, we logged a case with Kaspersky, sent the data, the requisite Aida report & images, after being asked to replicate the issue & provide traces 🙄 , the “team”, finally got on board, sent the issue to the experts who responded with:


They (the experts) have been confirmed as a threat of data loss link. We've tuned our anti-phishing signatures and improved detection technologies to proactively block this kind of threats. Thank you for your help.”

end qte

The sms’s continued. 

We sent another, again we provided the data , this is the response we got: 


As we have mentioned in the de-escalation we have checked the links you have provided and were confirmed as a threat of data loss link. Please do let us know if you have any other additions to the case so we can better assist.”


We replied:

Hi xxxx

Thank you for your email. 

Did you even bother to read our email? 


This is the response we got:


Are you referring to the SMS scanning for phishing features in Kaspersky Internet Security for Android? if so this feature is no longer available in the app. Kindly refer to this link: https://usa.kaspersky.com/blog/ksk-kisa-descoping/17359/


The person who sent that email is not new, they’ve been in the “support” team for a long time. So has the person who sent the unexplainable email prior to this shocker. 

  1. How is it possible to be managing this case, to know that Russia has applied a fix & then turn around & state the feature is no longer supported & provide a blog article from 2019.
  2. Why didn’t the op look at the current KIS Safe Messaging doco?  



Thank you🙏


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