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What settings should I do, to stop this.

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Hello from Roumania. A few days ago, my friend ask me how much do I trust Kaspersky Internet Security and  I told him, well is the best on the market now and every night I sleep without no worries.

A have been their client over 15 years and for me nobody in this bussiness convinces me that is better then Kaspesky.

Well last week I was so dissapoiment when my friend showed me how he hack me with kaspesky on. Password, text from a notepad file open on my desktop. Well I made all the changes in kas, ports,,etc nothing work. It keeps to extract my password without installing any software on my computer. I cant find it how he does. It is frustrating now, because 

kaspersky it is on green it didn't detect someting. He extract information over the network, he told me, he doesn;t need to install software. I think it is using keylogger or something in this class.

Where to look, what to change, because nothing is working. It keeps to have  picture with my desktop.

Windows10 64bit 22h2  Kaspesky internet security last version, up to date.

Thank you very much!


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I tried netstat command, nothing unclear there. I don't know where to start to check, no rdp. First I was thinking that he use anydesk, but no. I 've unistalled it and he could again to steall what I wrote on my desk.  We are in a small enterprise network and we have a mirotik router. We have all ports closed. We made this tests. I was so sure that I am protected and all my computers are, but I don't know how he can .  I think it has a powerfull tool descovered  which it's scan only by pc Name. I think it is linked with the ports.


He doesnt  want to tell me how it does, he only wants to show me that it is something wrong with kaspersky. Next year we will try with another antivirus to see if that one will discover and block this.

Maybe privacy from windows do this think...I should put on off......the same thing happened with a new Vm created and with no kaspersky installed on it

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