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What happens when Kaspersky blocks a link/download?

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I googled some stuff and it turns out one of the websites I visited, I think, attempted a driveby download. Kaspersky didn’t even let the page load fully and exited it, putting me into the “Prevented visiting website” page. I clicked on the address again in the history tab to check what the message was and it put me into the same webpage.

I also threw the link through VirusTotal and each link got at least one detection.

Here are the links in question:






Am I good, since Kaspersky, I think, blocked these links?

P.S- I’m doing a full scan as I post this, just in case and I’m using Security Cloud Free.

Forgot to mention, Kaspersky also blocked these 4 attempted downloads (two each time I visited the link).


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@BigHotStud If a Full Scan found nothing your system is clean.

I know but I’m still concerned about “Previously opened malicious link detected” with the “Not Processed” result.

I have no idea what it means. Is it saying that I visited the link in the past or is it saying that I opened a link that it found malicious in the past?

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