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Warning about NetTool.Win32.TorTool.bte for Brave Browser

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Hello Kaspersky Team,


I’m an user of the Brave browser and since about two weeks I get a warning about some extension that comes with the browser installation. Kaspersky is saying it’s not-a-virus:NetTool.Win32.TorTool.bte. The manifest for that extension says its "Brave Tor Client Updater extension".


There is some other users that wrote on the Brave forum about it: https://community.brave.com/t/antivirus-found-a-weird-file-inside-my-brave-install-folder/132470


I did some research and looks like there been similiar problems in the past already, with Kaspersky complaining about the Tor part of Brave.


Why is it back again? Why is Tor flagged like this?

Afaik the purpose of Tor is to route your traffic through a chain of proxies so you can surf without sharing your real ip with 3rd parties. How is that harmful for my PC or files?


With regards,


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Hello @Wu Ling,


  1. Kaspersky does not support Brave. 
  2. The TOR issue may be due to an update by either Kaspersky or Brave. 
  3. The warning: “Legitimate software that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data” is accurate; sometimes software is installed on a device without a users’ knowledge, this type of alert brings to the attention of the user, the existence of potentially dangerous software. 
  4. Have you logged the issue with Brave Support? 
  5. What is the TOR  component updater version - check: brave://components ?
  6. Export the KIS Report, showing the detection, save as a .txt file & attach to your reply? 

Please post back?

Thank you🙏


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Hello @Wu Ling,

Additional to previous reply: 

Programs classified as NetTool are designed to work with a network (for example, remotely rebooting a computer, scanning open network ports, remotely launching random applications, etc.).

These features may allow cyber criminals to use them for malicious purposes, although the programs themselves are not malicious.

If a user has installed such a program on his/her computer, or if it was installed by a system administrator, then it does not pose any threat.





Thank you🙏


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