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Vulnerablilty Scan won't finish, Error: “Scan statistics are out of date”. [Closed]

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Hello  @azores55

  1. Is the issue new or has always existed?
  2. Are all Windows updates applied with a successful status?
  3. Is Windows system date and time correct?
  4. How long has KIS been installed?
  5. Is KIS license still current? 
  6. Are all KIS updates applied with a successful status?
  7. What else is running when the Vulnerability Scan is running?
  8. Each time the Vulnerability Scan is run, is the scan stopping at the same file?
  9. Have any Vulnerability Scan settings been configured to a schedule?
  10. Has a software compatibilty check been done? 
  11. Please run a GSI & Windows Logs, upload zip folder to cloud & post the link?

Please let us know?

Thank you. 

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Thank you, Flood, for answering. I had forgotten that I also had Malwarebytes installed. I removed it and now Kaspersky will run the Vulnerability Scan completely.  Removing it did the trick. Thank you and the community for all your help.  Happy New Year.



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