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VPN servers for torrenting are not enough

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Hello everybody ?

Today, after installing Kaspersky Premium on my laptop, I've tried Kaspersky VPN, for streaming, but also for torrenting.

Well, about torrenting, what I've noticed immediately is that, regardless the location (even the ones where torrents are legal), uTorrent was really slow and unable to reach the usual high speed of my FTTH connection (which occurs when the VPN is off).

And, then, I've realized the truth: Kaspersky VPN, even if very complete, lacks of an important feature, that other VPNs, such as AirVPN and PureVPN, have: port forwarding.

I've opened the ports for uTorrent in my modem many years ago, but now Kaspersky VPN blocks and/or doesn't recognize them, and without port forwarding, VPN servers for torrenting are not and won't be enough, they're just useless.

So, my question is: is there a chance that, in the future, you'll implement port forwarding feature in Kaspersky VPN or not?

Thank you very much in advance ?

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