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VPN + Plex + Windows 10

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I have issues when I'm trying to split tunneling or website with Plex like local host, doesn't work at all.

Doesn't matter how many times I try to put in the IP address, it takes the numbers I put in backwards.

For e.q.,, vpn will put it as, or, e.q. to (Rules for connection to Websites > Exclusion for Websites > Settings )

So when I type it in again while is there, doesn't bring up saying its already listed.

Won't let me play anything if I go https://app.plex.tv, does the same thing with my other pc server.

All under (Apps that never connect via VPN). Nothing listed under (Always)

Which is funny bc when I decided to whitelist my browser from using vpn, I can't connect to localhost. So when I use a browser that isn't whitelisted, I still can't connect to localhost.

I even can't connect to my own pc shared folders from my system. (folder>address bar>"//") (without quotes)

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Found a few other programs that me and a few others have noticed that the tunnel isn't working very well as it should.

Might want to go over those sets of options again.

Adguard used to not want to work but seems to work after the update.

Soulseek and Nicotine+ people started to message me about a particular subject leading to believe that I was in this continent due to my flag was different while again, those two programs are whitelisted. Now it makes me question about the other programs I have whitelisted which is not possible to check. For e.q. EA, Apple, Steam, xBox, jd2, etc.

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