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Virus detected in email with KIS on PC but NOT on my android phone. Why?

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I hope someone may able to answer this question for me.  I am curious.


I have KIS (Premium License) on my android phone and on my PC.

  • Android 12 with March update: email is received through IMAP with GMail app.
  • Windows 10 with latest update: email is received through IMAP with Mailbird.
  • KIS are installed on both devices.


Today, I received a suspicious email.  It was first received by GMail on my phone.  I did not open it (I believed).  I quickly close the GMail app and perform a full scan manually; nothing was found or reported.  Manually update the KIS and run the full scan again to make sure; again, nothing found or reported by KIS.  The Quarantine in KIS is also empty.


When I got home, KIS automatically detect and deleted the virus as Mailbird was loading the same email from server (Yahoo).



 Can anyone explain to me why KIS on my phone did not detect or report of the virus for the same email?  Is my phone / GMail app (possibly) infected with the Trojan virus now? 


Any help in understanding this is very much appreciated.

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The product for Android takes care of the threats that can be harmful for Android OS. Detecting all the known threats would be an unnecessary overkill, as it would overload the product, reduce the performance, etc. 

The product for Windows detects all the threats, including those for Android OS.

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