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Vector Works Licensing issue is appearing and the software keep on restarting

Sufian Azeem

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Hello @Sufian Azeem


  1. Has Vectorworks & Kaspersky Security Cloud ever worked successfully together, if “yes” what changed & when? 
  2. When “ Kaspersky Cloud is blocking Vector Works license ” are there any error messages in Kaspersky Security Cloud Reports & or, on the screen, if “yes”, may we have the Report & full screen images? 
  3. Have you added any exclusions? 
  4. Is Kaspersky Security Cloud free or licensed/subscription? 

Please let us know? 

Thank you🙏


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1.Yes it works for only one or do days, after that each computer is getting error.

  1. Yes there is an error messages appears as the license is not valid, and the only button is ok. after pressing ok the vector works shutdown.
  2. Yes I had added exclusion of the program file where the installed file are.
  3. I have License version.
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