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When accessing the site willhaben.at, the site is blocking the access as it recognises a VPN is ON.

I configured the VPN for this web site as an 'exclusion' (ignore VPN) but I am still blocked.

Is there any solution ? Thanks for any help!

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@jf grasset Welcome , Bienvenu

I can't reproduce your issue 🤔

  1. Can you please specify the version number from your Kaspersky VPN application
  2. Please delete an create another exclusion → Copy/paste "https://www.willhaben.at/iad" (without quotes)
  3. Did you try with another virtual location ?



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@jf grasset

Concerning the blocked IP address please launch CMD as Admin and run command “ipconfig /renew”. I am currently on Clouflare DNS ( but I don’t think this is the fix for your issue. Your next option is Kaspersky Technical Support, the link is available at the top of this webpage ?

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