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URL adviser not working plus the extension is not working


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I am using kasperskay security cloud free version, The URl advisor and the Kaspersky extension are not working.

I tried

  • reinstalling the KSC
  • I updated all browsers
  • reset the settings in KSC 
  • Turned off and then on the script injection option and extensions options in the kasperskay settings

But no use, the URL advisor is not working. I am wondering If the web antivirus is working ?

  1. I am using windows 10
  2. All browsers are updated yesterday ( chrome, firefox, opera, Brave)
  3. Extension version is
  4. Kasperskay version

Please help


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Hello  @Pratheep,


Please tell us:

  1. Win10 version & build?
  2. KSCloud patch(x)? x = letter? 
  3. Please show us an image of the issue for Chrome & Firefox? 
  4. Please upload a GSI & Windows Logs to cloud & post the link? 

Please post back?

Thank you🙏


➡ The following browsers support installing the Kaspersky Protection extension:

  • Mozilla Firefox versions 52.x – 65.x
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 52.x, 60.x
  • Google Chrome versions 48.x – 72.x
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, and 11.0

⚠ The Internet Explorer 8.0 – 11.0 browser with the new Windows user interface is not supported⚠

🚫 Microsoft Edge (not supported in versions later than Windows 10 1803)🚫


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Thanks for trying to help me. I did the following and it seems to have resolved the issue.

  1. I uninstalled and uninstalled all browsers, email clients 
  2. uninstalled kaspersky patch version f
  3. used kaspersky removal tool
  4. then reinstalled kaspersky patch version g
  5. and reinstalled browsers and email client 

Now it works but I do have some doubts.

If the URL advisor symbol does not appear on a browser like opera then would it mean the web antivirus will not work with opera?

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Hello  @Pratheep,

Using Kavremover without direction is really NOT adviseable.

Regarding supported browsers, please refer to my first reply. 

Also, note: all free Kaspersky software has configuration limitations, no technical support & advertiding

System requirements for Kaspersky Security Cloud 20

List of applications incompatible with Kaspersky Security Cloud 20

Kaspersky Security Cloud 20 release notes

Kaspersky Security Cloud Library

Thank you. 



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