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Upgrading Kaspersky 'Home' Anti-Virus to 'Medium Business' Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud PLUS?


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Wondering if it is possible to upgrade your existing license for a security product (i.e Anti Virus) to a more advanced product (i.e. Endpoint Security Cloud PLUS)? 


Hello @WBD


If by “upgrade”, you mean, there’s an existing KSC license, with x days remaining, you’d like to roll over those days, to a Endpoint Security Cloud PLUS license, it cannot be done. 


  1. continue to use the original KSC license until if expires. 
  2. or give the existing KSC subscription to someone.
  3. or forfeit the existing KSC subscription remaining days.

Refer: How to switch to a different Kaspersky application, the documentation lists Kaspersky software from the Home software range, however, the principals remain the same. 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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