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Uninstalling Kaspersky Security Cloud

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After the installation process of Kaspersky Security Cloud has been successfully a problem arises for me here. The application is saying "this application is not available in your region"...  Indeed i downloaded the S.E.Asia version from the web. Now i don't know how to remove/uninstall Kaspersky security cloud without any leftovers as it won't even log me in to be able to reach to the so call menu*. In the web guide on Kaspersky website, seem like it is intended only even ones able to log in into application. Here i couldn't even get into the app. My email to My Kaspersky/account is [ removed ]. and yes I'm from Myanmar, a S.E.Asian s**thole currently going all haywire. And yes, I'm currently needing your utmost support and I'd really really appreciate for it. Plz help me getting rid of Kaspersky security cloud(that's only if it ain't work for me). And yes I'm using the free version. Please guys, help me in some way. 

I also want to know if both Kaspersky vpn and security cloud apps can be uninstall with Windows 10 default uninstallation method(control panel>program>uninstall)


I copy paste part of this comment as i think the case deserve a separate thread out from my previous thread. Thanks in advance

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