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Unencrypted connection requests from Kaspersky Protection? [Solved][Closed]

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I was inspecting “Kaspersky Protection” connections through Firefox: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox.


I read somewhere that the extension only worked locally, but it was requesting some connections with what seems to be kaspersky labs server through a non encrypted connection (HTTP protocol). If i’m right, it would be exposing all sites you visit. 


As example: i accessed 3 sites: google.com; facebook.com and malwaretips.com


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ff.kis.v2.src.kaspersky-labs.com, this domain display in the bowser couldn't be resolved in the internet DNS servers. How to transform data to the server. It need a network converter at least. So avp.exe will handle these request to deal with some url sercurity check using its local threat database or KSN.


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