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Ubisoft/uplay launcher "A ubisoft service is unavailable"

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I have KSC 2019 installed on my sons sys. He uses steam to play his games. He tries launching Rainbow Six Siege and gets a "A ubisoft service is unavailable" error. I've researched it a little and it says to allow it through the firewall. Shouldnt KSC notify me and auto set this up? And how do I safely allow something through my firewall while keeping my protection intact? Any help would be great. Oh i have Windows 10 latest updates.
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Hello PakRat91, Welcome! To help us target our advice specific to the issues you've reported, please tell us: KSC version, release/patch? Operating system, version, build? 'Steam version? Screen prints of the error? Is "ubisoft service is unavailable" showing in the Steam app display or Windows notification area? Can we have the ubisoft service information please? When did the issue start? Where any changes made in the 24 hrs surrounding when the events began? Are all other connections working? Many thanks!
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