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Ubisoft Connect Chat Not Working [How to Oppen Port / Kaspersky]

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Hi mates!

In Ubisoft Connect Chat is Not Working beacause: 

Port forwarding

This will allow the communication from the game server to be channeled directly to the PC and vice versa.


These are the ports you need for Ubisoft Connect: 


TCP: 443, 14000


I have to open the port through kaspersky because Kaspersky is controlling with windows firewall so i can’t add port from windows firewall

How can i allow TCP: 443, 14000 for ubisoft connect.exe?

I tried:
Protection > Firewall >  Application Network Rules > Ubisoft Connect > Allow
This did not work for me?

Can someone help me how to add TCP: 443, 14000 for ubisoft connect.exe?

Thanks very much

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