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Turnoff Auto Renewal

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I am trying to turn off auto renewal from My Kaspersky but the manage subscriptions button is not available as per below.

My Kaspersky account

To turn off auto-renewal using your My Kaspersky account:

  1. Go to Subscriptions section and select the subscription of interest.
  2. Click Manage subscription to open subscription menu.
  3. In the subscription menu click Cancel subscription.

    A confirmation form will be opened, with a list of subscription benefits to remind you.

  4. If you are sure to cancel subscription, click Cancel subscription to confirm operation. Or click Continue subscription, if you decided to keep auto-renewal turned on.

    A confirmation form will be opened, informing you that auto-renewal is turned off.

  5. Click Go to subscription to return to the Subscriptions section.

Your subscription auto-renewal is turned off now. The subscription will be deactivated, when the subscription term is over, if you don't pay subscription fee.

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