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Turning off automatic renewal

Sam Hobbs

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How do I turn off automatic renewal? When I go to Account Settings for my account then click on the Payment Method tab it says You can update your subscription payment method at any time. I cannot find how to do that. I tried searching both the help and these forums and got nothing.

I have a three-year license for Kaspersky that expires next month. I gave up on Kaspersky nearly a year ago. I have been using a different antivirus software. I do not want my license to renew. I do not see where to turn off automatic renewal.

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1 hour ago, Sam Hobbs said:

That support article does nothing more than make it obvious that Kaspersky wants to make it difficult to cancel automatic renewal. I definitely must cancel it somehow, I do not want to support that kind of thing.

Hello @Sam Hobbs

Thank you for posting back! 

💥Agreed, Kaspersky do not make it easy to cancel their subscriptions💥

  • The documented process works IF the software was purchased via (your) MyKaspersky account.

👉The quickest - most effective way to cancel -> log a request with Kaspersky Customer Service, on the support page: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts, select either Chat or Email, then fill in Order and payment issues, How to stop/cancel automatic renewal? template. 


In the template Details provide the following information:

  1. The description of the issue
  2. The date of the purchase
  3. Your full name
  4. The e-mail address that you have used for the purchase
  5. Order number from the confirmation e-mail (If it's available) 

Thank you🙏

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