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"The specified path does not exist" error appears by launching any executable file [KSV Light Agent]

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  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop) with enabled option Citrix UPL (User Personalization Layer)
  • Citrix App Layer 
  • Non-English Operation System localization. 

After installation of KSV LA 5.2, you can face the error "The specified path does not exist" which appears by launching any executable file.

Possible root cause

Both Citrix technologies use separate vhd files for creating VMs by using Citrix App Layer and for roaming profiles used by Citrix UPL. As the result, the merge of vhd files processes and Citrix driver returns incorrect path of where the executable files are. 


  1. Install Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 and ensure it does not connect to SVM.
  2. Disable Self Defense and exit LA.
  3. Add registry file from this archive.
  4. Launch installation of the latest cumulative patch from the archive (all further released Cumulative PFs will contain the fix as well).
  5. As soon as LA informs the restart is needed, restart VMs.
  6. Connect LA to SVM.
  7. Problem should be solved.
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