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Terribly annoying KIS messages with uTorrent, “The source of loading advertisements is blocked” pop up every second or two.


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Hi @Basamaca , does your issue persist? Can you please submit a ticket to technical support via my.kaspersky.com and tell me the incident number? 


In fact I don’t know as I had already disabled ads in uTorrent itself as described in:


To answer your question I would have to uninstall and install uTorrent to enable ads again. I believe it is something Kaspersky should do.

Is the fix included in updates we receive with new databases ?

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Hello, @Basamaca,

I tried a clean install of uTorrent rev. 3.5.5. It looks like the issue has been fixed.

BitTorrent and uTorrent are developed by the same company and share a significant portion of the code. They usually behave the same way towards other software.

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Hello, Basamaca,

I didn't do anything special. My Kaspersky is set to update automatically and that was enough.

PS Earlier, when trying to find a workaround, I set some exclusions in Kaspersky, but then removed them to test the fix.

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