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[suggestion] customization and pause button [MOVED] [Closed]

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hi there!

i am manideep. i want to share my idea is

1.you provide a themes in software to attract those people who you preferred use colorfull       antivirus.

2.please add pause button in software.

3.most people where interested in interface of software.

4.provide CPU and RAM Booster for PC.

5.Add a maximum button to look better.

  1. add animations 

most of people were teenagers likes customization in there software.


thank you..

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  1. Not needed (kaspersky looks nice in green and white color)
  2. Usefull
  3. New interface you mean? (Most people interested about security and how to stay safe)
  4. This is AV - AntiVirus not any optimization software for cleaning RAM, defrag your disk…
  5. Hmm i dont think that is this feature needed

Add animations? Animations are supported and inplemented in product.

And teens love customization? Okay but this is not toy.

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