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SSL connection with invalid cert detected, started today, KSC Free, Simple DNS Crypt.

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Okay, this is very odd ... in my opinion that is?

I have been using Simple DNSCrypt together with KSC Free For almost a year and never did I get a warning. That is till today, when I booted my PC today I got this warning? ( I keep getting it with each time I restart my PC. )


From what I can tell myself Simple DNSCrypt continues to work, but still KSC Free keeps giving me that warning every time I reboot? I tried setting it in the exclusion section of KSC Free, but then KSC keeps asking for the password for KLAdmin? ( Which I do not know!? ) Trying to add a new password protection by myself does not seem to work either, which is freaking weird because I could before KSC Free updated a while ago?

So at the moment I have no idea how to handle or fix this.

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