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split tunneling makes a collision with steam game platform.


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We for a very long time waited for new function - split tunneling.. and finally you made it and welcome.

But when I activated split tunneling, I can not play a game in steam platform.

with some error message, I can not log into game account in steam platform

I guess some collision with these two programs.

Do you have any opinions with this problem.. users or developers ??



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Berny/ Thanks for you,  I canceled my subscription for this VPN app
I've been waiting for split tunneling for a while, but I don't want to use this anymore since I found out that it's practically useless even on Windows 10.

And now a day you guys all would be feeling it. whenever we turn on VPN, our internet amazingly goes slowly more than before.

I don't understand why they don't solve this problem or even not try to solve

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