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SMB reads capped at ~ 280MB/s (10gb network) with KSC active!

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Has anyone else got noticed a throttling of incoming SMB transfers when KSC is active? And is there a way around it!? Quite like the product otherwise!


Took a while of headscratching as to why my NAS wasn’t performing as expected, with fast uploads in the 750MB/s-900MB/s region as expected, but slow downloads, hitting a wall at just over 270MB/s….. disabling kaspersky see’s it back where it’s supposed to be.


If it’s a known thing, we need a way to disable whatever scanning slows things down for traffic incoming from specific hosts or networks! It might not be much of an issue over gigabit, but as multi-gig gets more common and more home networks are moving to all flash…..

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yes i see


this problem is not just for SMB

this Kaspersky is really busy with network resources maybe it's because of the very high security layers of this product i worked with many organizational antivirus's  but in Kaspersky this issue is more visible ...

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