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Setting Game Mode does not work as described.

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I have set Kaspersky to Game Mode in order to prevent scans from happening while I am playing games in Full Screen Mode.  I also have the scans Scheduled in the early mornings when I usually have my laptop turned on but I’m not usually playing.


What I see happening very often is that the Quick Scan, Full Scan and Root Kit Scans are in progress after I shut down my games.  It’s not that the games just quit and it started, I’ve seen the full scans at 80+% completed.


Note that this doesn’t always cause problems with all of my  games but it definitely does affect the performance on some of them.


Why is this happening?  Anyone else see this?

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I have updated it to the 21.1 version. I noticed the issue on the pervious version and have had the issue while running Valorant at Fullscreen I realized it was affecting the game by monitoring my in game latency. When it shot from 7 ms to 24 plus I realized something was running and the two times I caught it Kaspersky was running a rootkit scan. I checked via task manager before checking the Kaspersky app. Pretty sure running the game and running rootkit at the same time will help replicate it.

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