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Security Cloud, Personal on Mac - how to whitelist an address on the Web Anti-virus?

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I’m on a Mac running Big Sur,   latest update of Security Cloud.  I cannot access the config page of my router at  I’m on a wired network on a different VLAN.  If I turn off the Web Anti-virus, all is good. If I turn it on and try to hit the address, I get an instant “No Internet” page in Chrome.   It’s not a firewall problem on the Mac or network.   

Where do I set the list of allowed addresses?  I’ve tried the My Websites, the trusted computers set up.. nothing. 


The Mac version of Kaspersky seems very, very lacking. 

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MacOS: 11.2.3

Kaspersky Security Cloud:

Chrome: 90.0.4430.85

When the Web Anti-Virus function is enabled or Check Secure Connections is enabled and I attempt to access from the Mac, Chrome reports “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED”.  Firefox reports “The connection was reset”. 

With the Web Anti-virus disabled, connections are fine.   I can connect to another device on from the Mac ( which sits on and has the router firewall rules set up to allow the traffic ).  A Chromebook on the same VLAN has no issues with this site. 

The host on is a Ubiquiti Unifi UDM-Pro. 

If I disable “Check Securi connections” with or without the Web anti-virus disabled, I can access the site.  I have the cert from the web site trusted and have added the URL to the trusted web addresses list under preferences->threats->trusted web address.  

Am I missing another whitelist option? 

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