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Search with Google = Bing and or Re-directs


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Don't know where else to seek help so I came here hoping for an answer.

Windows 10Pro OS Build 19044.1526 Version 21H2

I did a full scan, then installed Malwarebytes and scanned. Both returned clean.

About a week ago in Chrome, I was searching for something and noticed that if I hovered over a result, the "hand" pointer didn't appear, just the arrow. I clicked anyway and was taken to what looks like a related legitimate site. As an example, this morning I searched for "icann lookup" in Chrome and, as above, when I clicked on the screen I was taken to GoDaddy's whois lookup page.

Another example, I was using the Brave browser with TouchVPN and clicking "next" on a site I have visited before, the screen was overlaid and the page was blurred and showed something about Google.

I just searched again for "icann lookup" and at the top pf the listing is a box that says "trending now on Bing" with images of news stories.

I am including the url of a search in Chrome that redirected to Bing.


Any help appreciated

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I was just browsing the Surfshark site and was searching their Docs. First search for Chrome - fine.

Searched again for Firefox and the docs opened in Finnish!

Do you think I can rid Chrome of this problem by uninstalling it and re-installing? Or is something hidden somewhere else?


Thanks for the link.

I removed Brave (but I’ll re-install later) Reset Chrome and deleted all extensions except those I can’t live without. Seems fine now and I’ll report back in a day or so but even the Google search results look like it’s fixed.

BTW - This only affected Chrome and not Firefox. I think it may have been a history extension in Chrome.

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