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Scan shows malware in Steam installation

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Hi there guys.

I was wondering if you could help me with an issue that I've just discovered
on my Steam installation

I run Linux as my main OS for my computer.
Occasionally I will used a USB stick with some anti-malware apps on them and scan
my Linux box for any kind of malware (Windows or Linux) or associated issues.

I have a license for Kaspersky Total Security (which I use on my Windows box)
But I also use the KRD  (Kaspersky Rescue Disk), and this is what I have used to scan my Linux box


I came across this hit/issue this morning, after running a scan last night -


@Filesystem[33336756-65dd-e261-038e-7d45410180e1]/[my username]/.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/common/Proton 8.0/dist/lib64/wine/x86_64-windows/mscoree.dll

Trojan program


1. Based up on the information above, should I be worried ?

2. Is this a false positive ?
(The anti-virus / malware app) doesn't appear to like this file

3. Has anyone else had the same or something similar when using Steam on their
Linux box ?

TIA for any help or advice

Useful information:
OS: Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)
DE: KDE Plasma Version: 5.24.7
Kernel version: 5.19.0-45-generic (64-bit)

Steam version: (Built) May 30 2023 at 20:40:51
Steam package version: 1685488080

Motherboard: Sabertooth 990 FX
CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8150 (8 cores)
RAM: 16 GB
GFX: Nvidea GeForce GT 640
HDD: Samsung Evo SSD (500 GB)

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