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Sandbox - how to see which files were uploaded to sandbox

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We have a sandbox that seems to be running fine.

I can see that files were uploaded and checked but I can’t see (or can’t seem to find) which files where uploaded.

Where can I find the names of the files that have been send to the sandbox? How can I see if these were real threats?


I know that I can view reports of the sandbox on the clients themselves but isn’t there a more efficient way (in security center maybe)?



Kaspersky Sandbox:

KCS: 13.2

Endpoint Agent:


Thanks for reading!

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I suggest you upgrade your Sandbox to version 2.0, there have been many improvements, but there is no way to migrate from 1.0 to 2.0, it needs to be a clean install.

Follow the documentation link and link to download the product, I'm already using version
With KSC 13.2 and Endpoint 11.9 the product became much more stable.



After everything works, it should appear like this on the endpoint, in the Sandbox there is no way to see the files that were uploaded and show them in the graphical interface.


Sandbox 2.jpg

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