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Safe Money: Protected Browser choice? [Closed]

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Hello, this is my first post after recently installing Kaspersky Internet Security.

I’m running Windows 10 Home Version 1909.

When using Safe Money, opening saved Web links always defaults to Internet Explorer.

Is there any way to make the Protected Browser open up in another browser, for example Edge?

I look forward to your help. Thanks

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Welcome :) 

Yes of course all supported browsers supports safe money :) Simply open your web browser for example edge and go to ​​​your bank web page and kaspersky will ask you if you want to rather open web page in protected browser or not.

Or go to kaspersky > settings > Protection (on left) > Safe money (scroll down) …. and here is Additional - To proceed to websites from the Safe Money windows, use : Default browser, or edge, or any other installed chorme or firefox…

Hope i helped :) 

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Hello everyone (again). Following the instructions given in response to my initial post, I thought the problem was resolved; unfortunately, the browser that opened wasn’t Edge as I believed it to be, but rather Internet Explorer!

I followed the steps: Safe Money>Settings>Protection>Safe Money>Safe Money Settings>Additional>To proceed to websites from the Safe Money window use [Default Browser/Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox]

I choose Default Browser which, in Windows 10 Home Settings>Apps>Default Apps, is Microsoft Edge

There is a further tick box: Run Protected Browser when Microsoft Edge is running. So, at least the Kaspersky system is aware of Edge.

However, as I said, the browser that loads is always Internet Explorer. I un-ticked the option Run Protected Browser when Microsoft Edge is running  but this made no difference to the outcome.

I decided to shut off Internet Explorer: Windows 10 Home Start>”Control Panel”>Control Panel App>Programs>Programs & Features>Turn Windows Features On or Off>Internet Explorer 11 (un-tick check box)>Yes>OK>Restart

Now, without Internet Explorer there is a further problem in that Protected Browsing will not work at all, either from the Safe Money Window nor direct from the Microsoft Edge browser:

I receive a panel reporting the following:

Run error
Cannot open the website in Protected Browser in Microsoft Edge.
Failed to run Protected Browser. Reason: Unexpected error starting Protected Browser. Please contact Technical Support. Error code: 0x80000046
Open website in current window

I have reinstalled Internet Explorer. Now, Protected Browsing, when run from the Safe Money window, continues as before through Internet Explorer.

I note again that the browser options are Default/Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox, but no Edge.

Am I missing a setting? Has anyone else experienced this or still are? What have others done to resolve this?

Is this an oversight of Kaspersky, or is Microsoft ensuring that only it’s own Defender software is fully successful?

Any further help will be welcome.


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Hello @shaunm1963,

That’s ok, it’s all good and not a problem👌

“Solved” means an “answer” has been provided, it doesn’t actually stop a thread from continuing, but, now we have 2 topics I think it would be a good idea if the Moderators did close this topic (so other posters help in the topic that is not “solved” / remains “unanswered’). 

Thank you🙏

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