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Restore files from backup copies - no selectable option available


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since I had the same problem but no solution could be provided by Kasoersky, I may give a workaround here:

Create a seperate storage for each backup task. That solved my problem.

Running Win 10/64, storage is located on a Synology NAS

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I have had the same problem as the OP for some time. I think the backed up files are there but I can't select them (or even see them) for restore. I have got around the problem by splitting the backup into several smaller backups, effective but inconvenient. I don't know if it's the size of the backup or the number of files involved which is causing the problem. Also the window which appears for selecting the restore files is too small to display the full file tree and there is no way of expanding it. Has anybody got a fix for this or do I have to find an alternative backup solution. The rest of the suite is perfect for my purposes so I don't really want more software. (Win 10 PRO backing up to an eternal 1Tb USB drive)

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