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Request for Reassessment of Website Security Status

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Dear Kaspersky Team,

Greetings, I am the owner and administrator of the website shortcut.tw. Recently, I have noticed that your security system has flagged pages on my site as potentially dangerous, blocking user access.

After conducting multiple thorough checks and tests using various well-known internet security software, I can confirm that my website does not contain any threats such as malware, trojans, or viruses. The content and software I provide are completely safe and do not pose any harm or infringement on users' personal information.

This also includes the following link: https://opentip.kaspersky.com/https%3A%2F%2Fshortcut.tw%2F/?tab=lookup

In light of this, I earnestly request that your company reassess my website. I believe that this misunderstanding can be promptly resolved with your attention. The ongoing marking of my site as dangerous not only affects its reputation but also severely impacts my business.

Here are the details for your reference:

  • Website URL: shortcut.tw
  • Domain Details: All pages under this domain are affected.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation on this matter. Should you require any additional information during your investigation, I am more than willing to provide it. I look forward to your positive response and a prompt resolution to this issue.


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