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Renewal cost of 5 device for 3 yrs internet security [Closed]

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We have 5 PCS and the last licence was for 3yrs and will expire soon,  When Looking at prices it is now one year and there is no indication that if I just click Renew on one of the PCs it will do it for all PCs, so I get renewal for 5 pcs or just one ?

Sorry to say the product is great but the renewal is very vague and ‘clunky’ as it does not follow a clear path.  I would have expected to click renew and see a message saying, ‘renew current licence for 5 devices, select no of years’ and a list of years and prices, or just one if it is yearly now.

I think people who work on computers don’t realise the worry and distrust when somebody says ‘click here so renew stuff, it will probably be what you expect’.  Personally I want to see it simply explained.

So, if I select renew what will I see next ? 

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Thanks, I think I am getting close to finding the answer.  I am from the UK but live in France.

I am in KAspersky, Licences.  I entered the activation code, hit enter and it has accepted it.  this is what I mean about entering stuff and guessing what happens next.  I did this and………

So I can see my protection is active (26 days remaining) and clicking details shows 5 devices covered.  Says it is a subscription account, what does that mean ?  Are they saying it will auto renew and if so how would I pay (illegal to hold card details) so I assume I will get a payment request ?

There is a link to the Kaspersky store, is that meant to be to renew this or just a general set of products, again no idea.

Last but not least, I know the renewal bit will turn red at some point, will it ask for payment then ?

I think a lot of people just buy a new subscription each time as it is easier. 



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Hello @charentejohn,

Thank you for posting back & the additional information.

I’ll answer some of the questions and ask some more.

  1. Re “illegal to store card details”, not if, when you purchased the original subscription, you added your card details, i.e., consented for the details to be stored in your account.
  • To check if your card details are stored, in your MyKaspersky account, select your email address, select Account Settings, select Bank Card, if the fields are entry your card has not been stored. 


2. When you look at your current License details, is “auto-renew”  turned on?

  1. Re “I think a lot of people just buy a new subscription each time as it is easier”, I agree, and, in my experience, 9 times out of 10, I can buy a new subscription (from Kaspersky) at a better $, than what a auto-renewed subscription is sold for. 
  2. Important to note, a Kaspersky License must be activated in the Country of purchase, the License can then be used in any Country. If “auto-renew” is on and if your card details are stored, (imo), the transaction will take place automatically, as if you were in the UK.
  3. Subscription = auto-renew license.
  4. Full = non auto-renew license. 

How to use auto-renewal for Kaspersky Lab solutions for home

Purchasing and licensing Library

Please let me know if you need more information?

Thank you


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Thanks for a well set out reply, all sorted I think.

I checked the bank details as you showed and there are none.  True that if we had given permission they could be stored but we never do that, only because the risk of loss increases the more places they are. 

Also Auto renew is not turned on, just says active, so I will wait till it goes red and follow any payment links.  I would rather do this manually every time so I know what is going on, we renew for 3 years so not really any trouble paying so seldom.

Wouldn’t be without Kaspersky as low CPU user, not like others, we wouldn’t know it was there until needed.  I am very very careful online, don’t use sites that even seem wrong, never click on something without checking.  Even with that I have had Kaspersky stop an average of one problem a month, just phising and spyware downloads but sometimes from really well known sites, but otherwise would not have noticed this happening.  Rarely anything with security scans as the online side stops it before it comes to that.

Thanks again for the information.


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Hello  @charentejohn,

You’re very welcome, I’m very happy to have been able to help☺

I’ve checked KIS UK, & KIS FR, license terms vary, if you need a 5 device license for 2 years, you might be going home for 🎅😉




  • Whenever and wherever you make the purchase, unselect Auto Renewal.

Best regards

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Hello  @charentejohn,

Looking at different Kaspersky sites, in different Countries, (License) prices & device number x years combinations vary.

I’m sure there’s “business” reasons why🤔 , in fact I think  @richbuff and  @Schulte have posted replies on the Topic. 

The most important “hint” I can give is, many people are tempted by non-authorised merchants selling Kaspersky software very cheaply, time & time again the purchaser unwittingly buys a license that has been sold multiple times, the unfortunate outcome, in those circumstances are, license codes cannot be activated, no technical support and loss of $😰 . 

Best regards

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