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Remote Control - "We need you to verify this is not a milicious process"

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Hi All,

I am working with my PC which is unattended and out of easy access, its stopped pinging back, although it can be accessed by the likes of teamviewer. So I jump on, by TeamViewer and RemoteUtilities, and ask kaspersky to pause protection. Click the button - a grey box comes up, though I can't remember the exact message, but its basically a validation box, like Kaspersky's own UAC bux, telling me it wants me to verify that I am asking it to do these things, and not a malicious process. 


The problem is, I can't respond to it over the remote control software (either) and then I have to restart the PC. Is this by design? are you just not able to interact over remote control? is there a way to override this process?

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1 hour ago, Jeeb said:

Remote Control - "We need you to verify this is not a malicious process"

Just managed to get the machine sorted, after enabling the permission for remote software to control it, it didn't work, so I disabled the protection for it and its fine now.

Hello @Jeeb

Thank you for the update!

  1. Although we understand the imperative, disabling protection may not be the best option; is there any possibility that you could post a screen-print of the original issue: "Remote Control - We need you to verify this is not a malicious process", please? 
  2. When the issues are happening, in KIS Reports, are there any TeamViewer & or RemoteUtilities events that are being logged that reflect the issues? 
  3. Also, have TeamViewer & RemoteUtilities been configured to allow full control? 

Thank you?

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