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The UYJH Ransom is a new and I see there is not a real solution for it neither by Kasper nor by any program antimalware or anti-ransom 

My pc got infected three days ago with an attack came outside ( online )  resulted in all my files got encrypted for example ( pdf.uyjh) 

I tried many programs, but I haven't got any good result yet. 

I formatted my PC twice 

I tested the disk C ( system ) many times and found it is not infected , though manually I tested it and noticed all hosts are clear 

I still use the same computer safely, but I never try to go inside the infected two partitions ( D \ E ) 

Is not a solution for such a malicious virus ? 

I heard that the combo cleaner is the best program, but sorrowfully it is not free. 

The matter I can't buy it online because I haven't any device for purchasing such as visa card or PayPal etc...

In my country ( Iraq ) or in my city Mosul there are not any governmental banks established yet. 

Please help 


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Also, did You have Kaspersky installed when You suffered the rsw attack?


Your system probably is not infected now, after the attack, most of this kind of malware does not remain in system, but all those encrypted files are not infected, are encrypted, so You can try to run many different antivirus and probably will not find anything.


What You need now it's a decrypt tool for that specific rsw variant, and this is very difficult to find, since this type of malware encrypt the files with a long bits' length private key.

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