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Random notification: "Cannot guarantee the authenticity of this domain" citing Microsoft-related sites

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I was running a hardware scan on Lenovo Vantage and browsing the Internet when Kaspersky Security Cloud Free gave me several notifications that it could not guarantee the authenticity of several domains requesting an encrypted connection. All of the domains appear to be related to Microsoft, but I can’t remember the specific domains. I chose to “Disconnect” all of them. While I was receiving the notifications, I tried clicking on a link on a Wikipedia page I had opened and my browser (Brave) blocked it saying it could not established a secure connection. I closed and reopened the browser and everything was back to normal. The notifications did not reappear. 

I was not going to any website when I first received the notification, the only thing my browser was actively downloading was a YouTube video, so the process must have been something in the background. I have had Microsoft Office & Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for months and they never had an issue with each other until now.

I tried running the Vantage hardware scan again, but it did not trigger the notifications again.

What is going on and should I be concerned about it?

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Hello @Hello20318


  1. (please) Read before you create a new topic!
  1. Kaspersky’s resource documents for: Messages "Certificate verification problem detected" and "Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established" when trying to open a website
  2. IF the alerts were a one time event, you took preventative action, disconnected, ran scans, with clean results, it may have been related to a network glitch, where the certificate was momentarily not refreshed, (ioo), there is no reason to be concerned. 
  3. Also, on the righthand side of your topic, there’s 3 other similar topics, they may have helpful information. 
  4. Also, just as FYI, Kaspersky does not support Brave, please see KSC Hardware and software requirements, Browser support

Thank you🙏


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